Community Youth Advocate (CYA)

Mission Statement

The Community Youth Advocate (CYA) Program provides youth in  La Porte County volunteer-based mentoring and advocacy that fosters positive academic and personal growth. 

Teens have specific areas of need that a caring adult can assist with by lending a listening ear, advocating for a particular resource or a simple exposure to a new experience. Research states 1 in 3 people will grow up without a positive mentor. This puts youth at a risk for legal involvement, substance use, risky behaviors leading to academic interruption and other unhealthy lifestyle choices. Mentoring impacts absenteeism, youth disengagement in school and unhealthy choices. It guides teens to vocational and other learning opportunities for a better career probability. For mentors the benefits are valuable; not only do mentors get the job of seeing someone else progress as a result of their support, but mentorship is also a way to develop leadership and communication skills, gain confidence while learning and expanding networks.

About The Program

The Community youth Advocate (CYA) Program seeks to reach youth who are struggling to make positive personal and academic progress. Our one-on-one mentoring and advocacy interventions works to impact teens involved in various segments of our programming which includes referrals from schools, court, and social service agencies. Our community-based approach guides youth to find their strengths and acts as additional support to promote better choices and build their individual path to success.

Required Training

With qualified and trained volunteers available to mentor and advocate for these youth, we can impact their choices and assist in their academic success and positive personal development. No experience is necessary; however, successful volunteers 21 years and older will complete a screening process beginning with an application. Comprehensive training will include understanding the various segments of programming we work in and how to mentor within those areas; trauma-informed care and social emotional learning basics, juvenile services center tour, youth assignment protocol as well as interaction record keeping. Other relevant training opportunities are offered as ongoing support for the work we do.

Why We Need You

There are many teens who wish there was someone who they could talk to and express their concerns; someone who listens to their feelings without bias; a positive role model to look up to and interact with. A CYA mentor is just that person; someone who listens, understands and advocates for the best interest of their youth in need. Whether it is tutoring, sharing a movie, a game or just a quick phone call or text, the impact on a teen can be huge. Our volunteers come from diverse backgrounds, experiences and cultures. Being a CYA offers many flexible opportunities to use your time and talents to assist a youth who needs you.

How To Get Started

To learn more about becoming a Community Youth Advocate Program volunteer or if there are any questions, please contact us at 219.324.3385 and we will be happy to help. If you’re ready to complete your application, please click on the link below to be directed to one. Simply fill it out and return it to us today. Thank you for choosing to invest your time as a CYA volunteer.

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