A Safe Haven For Supervised Visitation

Harmony House is a safe haven for supervised visitations between parents and children. Our caring, home-like setting encourages positive family relationships.

Services Offered At Harmony House


Children that come to Harmony House to visit with parents find a house with toys and games, comfortable furnishings, a yard with outdoor activities and more. Parents are free to do as they would at their home, which includes use of a full kitchen for meal and snack preparation.


Supervised visits, in a comfortable, neutral setting, encourage parents and children to relax while strengthening their family relationship.
Sessions are closely monitored by visitation staff that observe, record activities and stand close to intervene if necessary for the emotional or physical safety of the child.


A monitored exchange program is offered to parents not required to have supervised visitation, but that need to exchange custody of children without interacting with the other parent. Monitoring of each exchange is provided by a visit supervisor.

1-2-3 Magic Parent Training

1-2-3 Magic divides the parenting responsibilities into three straightforward tasks: controlling negative behavior, encouraging good behavior, and strengthening the child-parent relationship. The program seeks to encourage gentle, but firm, discipline without arguing, yelling, or spanking

Common Reasons For Use Of Our Programs

  • Parents having a history of hostile or violent arguments during the pickup and return of the children.
  • The visiting parent has a substance abuse and/or mental health problem that gives the Court or custodial parent concern for the child’s welfare.
  • The visiting parent’s living situation is unsuitable for meeting the needs of his/her children.
  • Either parent has repeatedly failed to cooperate with visitation arrangements.
  • The Court suspects the visiting parent may flee the state with the child; or the children are in custody or care of the Division of Family & Children.

Frequently Asked Questions

Families may be referred by the court system, attorneys, social workers, child welfare case workers, CASAs/GALs, clergy or mental health professionals. Contact Harmony House to discuss the specific process with staff.
All scheduling of visitations and exchanges will be done by the staff of Harmony House with input from each party involved. Timing/Scheduling is critical to the service of Harmony House.

The initial visit is scheduled on a first come, first served basis. After the initial visit, regular scheduled times will be arranged according to the preset guidelines provided, outlining a visitation plan. All scheduling must be done through Harmony House staff.
Visitation times are subject to availability of visitation supervisors. Supervised visitation is not available on Sundays. There will be no visitations or exchanges on New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving or Christmas Day.

Harmony House utilizes the following sliding fee scale for its services:
$0 – $14,000 / $10.00
$15,000 – $29,000 / $25.00
$30,000 – $49,000 / $50.00
$50,000 + / $75.00

$35 Initial Intake Appointment


$20.00 Non-custodial parent each exchange
$20.00 Custodial parent each exchange

Our trained visitation staff, or visit supervisors, monitor family interaction and appropriately intervene during visits, when necessary. Their primary concern is the safety and well-being of everyone at Harmony House. Visitation staff document happenings and conversations that occur throughout each visit.

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For More Information Please Contact

Cheryl Highsmith – Harmony House Program Director
chighsmith@lpfamilyadvocates.com or call 219.324.3385